Marriage celebrants and officiants for secular weddings in France

ceremonie d'engagement

Outdoor wedding ceremony

Experience magical and romantic moments by planning your wedding ceremony in France. Each region has its particularity and specificity.

With this site, you can choose English speaking officiants or celebrant.

The concept is appealing: Prepare yourselves your own ceremony, exactly like you ever wanted, to create a memorable event! There is no standard wedding ceremony order, no rules or restrictions. Many couples are choosing to have a non-religious wedding ceremony in France, country symbol of secularism.


Wedding officiant for your ceremony

If you’re looking for a wedding ceremony completely devoid of religious ritual or that makes the slightest reference to a deity, a non denominational wedding in France, the wedding officiants in this directory will strictly adhere to your guidelines. He can help you write texts, define musics, vows, in accordance to your wishes. He initiates your commitment, the exchange of your vows and rings.

He generally is attended with wedding organizers to ensure synchronization with different vendors and maintain the pace of the ceremony. Even if they are not priests or rabbis, some officiants can officiate weddings with slight religious connotations.

Most of the officiants willing to perform ceremonies for gay ans lesbian couples, for beautiful moments filled with emotions!

If you want to celebrate your wedding in United Kingdom, you can choose an officiant on this site.


A celebrant everywhere you want to get married

This directory displays the best professionals English speaking celebrants and officiants of France, localized in the region you want to marry.

You can also find professionnal Wedding Planner agencies that will help you prepare the logistics of your secular ceremony…